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02/04/09 08:53 PM #1    

Dave Fisher

Welcome to the Sylvania Southview High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/07/09 09:41 AM #2    

Steven Harrington

Thank you for this welcome Dave. Me thinks this site will work better for finding classmates as we can easily see those who have been crossed off the list. Hopefully once people enter they will take notice of those missing and fill in the blanks so you don't have to call through the phone book like I did ten years ago.

02/07/09 04:38 PM #3    

Beth Eisinger

Thanks for setting this up! What a great idea! & it is totally easy to use! You rock!

03/11/09 02:34 PM #4    

Matthew Shall

I am starting a campaign. Please join me in the Derrick Nawrocki mullet campaign. I don’t know about you but I was truly saddened to see Derrick’s picture with the short hair. I am willing to give $10 if Derrick starts now and grows his hair out until the reunion. We will take any amount. If we get enough contributions maybe he’ll do it. Post here if you are willing to support the effort. What do you say Derrick?

03/22/09 02:42 PM #5    

Jodi Lind (Blackman)

Found some old photo's I scanned in this weekend. I loved the big hair, Mullets on the boys, swatch watches, Vuarnet Sunglasses, and the Prom Dress choices. I apologize now to everyone in those pictures. They brought back great memories and lots of laughs. Enjoy everyone!

03/28/09 01:59 PM #6    

Kathy Atkinson

On that note... I am working on name tags for the reunion with each persons Senior Photo on it. Some of us have changed quite a bit, it may help with at least my recollection!! Yes, afraid to say my memory is not what it used to be:) How can you help??

If you have time to scan in your own senior photo and post here or e-mail to me at, I will be grateful.

If not, I will scan in the black and white!

Thanks, Kathy Atkinson

04/01/09 12:19 PM #7    

Steven Harrington

Matt, I will join your cause. $ 3.50 is what I can contribute right now.

Jodi, you still haven't found a pic with me in it yet have you?

Kathy, I look exactly the same but with the mullet almost gone.

04/29/09 04:10 PM #8    

Steven Harrington

On Saturday June 20th, the day of the Reunion, I am hosting a little golf thing at Stone Oak. Starting around noon time we will have 3 foursomes at the cost of $60.00 each (includes cart.) If you are interested in joining (we need another 4 or 5) please contact me and I will give you more details.

06/20/09 08:50 PM #9    

Lara Peirce (Rude)

Hello everyone-

Sorry to miss the fun tonight, but I had to change my travel plans. I was actually back in Toledo earlier this week for my grandmother's funeral and couldn't extend my stay for the reunion. Hope you all have a great time and I will look forward to seeing everyone at the 25th or 30th year reunion.

Best wishes,
Lara Peirce Rude

06/23/09 01:05 PM #10    

Steven Harrington

I think I can speak for everyone (except for Mike Haugh) that we all had a blast. A big thanks for everyone that worked on the reunion as well as those that attended.

06/27/09 03:51 PM #11    

Kathy Atkinson

Hi kids! Hope you all had fun at the reunion. It was great to see everyone!

I am working on a top secret project, you all can help. I have been scanning facebook for reunion photos and have started compiling them.

If you would like to send or upload some of your photos go to Linked text. .
You can add photos or download them easily from my mobile me account.


06/27/09 03:52 PM #12    

Kathy Atkinson

PS - If you just want to e-mail them the address is

11/17/09 10:55 AM #13    

Erin Peterson

A group of Southview and Northview '89-ish alums are gathering at the Village Inn at 9:00 pm on Saturday, November 28th. Join us and spread the word!

01/16/14 02:51 PM #14    

Steven Harrington

Just purchased my tickets for #25.


Let's get this ball rolling.

08/04/16 10:27 AM #15    


Ray Gill

2 1/2 years since the last message here...? Does anybody use this site anymore? I'm working in downtown Toledo, so if anyone's in the area, maybe we can meet for lunch sometime...possibly at the food trucks on Thursdays? Hope everyone is well.

08/06/16 01:28 AM #16    

Jamesetta Murphy (Vaughn)

I'm sure they just post for reunions and get together now.

08/06/16 07:54 AM #17    

Christopher Kear

What's new, Ray? Facebook and other social media seem to be preferred to this forum. This forum is most active around reunions. I'm sending my second of two children to college in just a couple of weeks. Amazing how time flies. Hope you're doing well.

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